cleaning services Randfontein
Do you work on weekend ?

Yes we do work on weekend and public holidays . We open 24/7 and take last minutes calls ~emergency calls. They will be no extra cost.

How long will it take to deep clean my house/property ?

How long will take to deep clean my house? Is a question we come across a lot. The duration of the job will depend on the condition your house or property in, no matter the condition it will take us one day to finish it. As for deep cleaning ,we bring a lot trained and industrial cleaners

Are your cleaner trained ?

Yes all our cleaners went thru an extensive training .They are equipped with all fancy equipment .Our cleaners are from different walks of life. They can read and write English.

Do you bring your own cleaning materials and Equipment ?

For deep cleaning ,yes we do but for normal cleaning you supply everything.

If I sign up for long term service ,will the same cleaner be in my house each time ?

Yes it will be the same cleaner but if the unforeseen occur we will give a replacement until she is back.

How much will it cost to deep clean my home or office ?

Every home or office is different so feel free to give us a call at 0619551802 for free customized estimate !

Do I need to provide transport for the cleaners ?

Yes , we will drop all our cleaner off and pick them up, but sometimes they will make her own way back home.

Do I need to provide food for my cleaner ?

The cleaners do not expect client to provide food, if you choose to do so it will no doubt be greatly appreciated by them.

Who should we pay ?

You pay into our company Account. We will send you an invoice. All the cleaners are on our payroll

What if I am not completely satisfied ?

We have a quality assurance guarantee . If you are not satisfied with any detail of work we performed ,give us a ring within 24 hours .We will promptly return at your convenience and take care of it. We do ask that we be allowed to take care of any concerns within 24 hours of notifying us.

What is the difference between deep cleaning and normal cleaning ?

The massive different between normal cleaning and deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is lot more extensive and attention to detail. Normal cleaning is for your cleanliness upkeep. Deep cleaning we cleans ,windows inside and out, walls ,kitchen cupboards inside and outside , walls ,bathrooms ,mixture , polish furniture, Wardrobes ,clean under the furniture, change beddings,