Dusted Cleaning Services, founded in 2017 , is a leading  cleaning service and 100% female owned .We are young ,hip and ready to bring  a fresh take on cleaning in Johannesburg.

Our team provide the most thorough cleaning compare to any cleaning services in the industry and beat any official cleaning quote.  As a  thriving business small we are  hundred percent committed to ensure that every single client choosing our cleaning services ,are so pleased with our cleaning   deeds . Firstly  our cleaning service is  very  flexible and our team of  works closely with you to ensure that we deliver exactly what you expect, tailored to your specific  cleaning requirement. Our cleaners are put through rigorous training to ensure that they meet the high  cleaning standards we, as  a business expect to deliver

Throughout  all the years of all change and growth we have not forgotten our  cleaning founding principles *Quality cleaning  service ,reliable ,honesty ,professional ,industrial and transparency

* 100% female owned  cleaning  services 

* No contracts ,simply book ,we clean and enjoy

* Very much affordable cleaning services in town and we don’t cut corners, we clean them 

*   Cleaners are well trained, vetted, honest , professional and industrious

*Supervise cleaning  work quality and provide ongoing support . 

*Respond to last minute cleaning  requests and  can provide  same day deep cleaning services

*Work or clean  on public holidays and weekends on the same rate 

*Regular  assigned same cleaner or team to clean  on agreeable day and time . Our cleaners treat your property  with  complete care  and respect

*Bring our own cleaning products but if you want us to use yours we can 

*Ours  cleaners comes in uniform , required to be  professional  and friendly  all the time 

* Have open dialogue with our customers and  we appreciate when  you let us how we can save you better 

* Screened for Covid19 and wear mask all the time to insure  safety in your home, office and property  . 

*Ironing, laundry and changing bed sheet are no extra cost for normal cleaning 

* Guarantee your satisfaction maybe if we get something wrong , we come back and re-do it again for free 

* Use eco-friendly products ,human and animal harmful free 

*Fully equipped with all new technology

Simply give us a call on ☎0116646132/  0619551802 to discuss what cleaning service you need  ands will assign the perfect cleaner for you 

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